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Classic Prog-Metal Albums

1. Never Say Die  Black Sabbath 
2. The Graveyard  King Diamond 
3. Path of Dreams  Garden Wall
4. Abstract Algebra  Candlemass
5. Awaken the Guardian  Fates Warning 
6. Strange Highways  Dio 
7. Irrational Anthems  Skyclad
8. Extinct Instinct  Threshold 
9. Awake  Dream Theater
10.Operation Mindcrime  Queensryche 

Avant-garde Prog-Metal Albums

1. Dances of Death  Mekong Delta 
2. Dimension Hatross  Voivod
3. Steps  Sieges Even 
4. Control And Resistance  Watchtower 
5. A Deeper Kind of Slumber  Tiamat 
6. Life Death And Other Morbid Tales  Memento Mori
7. Exivious  Exivious
8. Burnt Offerings  Iced Earth 
9. A Social Grace  Psychotic Waltz
10. To Mega Therion  Celtic Frost