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Classic Art-Rock Albums

1. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway  Genesis
2. A Passion Play  Jethro Tull
3. Brain Salad Surgery  ELP
4. Danger Money  UK 
5. Brave  Marillion 
6. Jesus Christ Superstar  A-L Webber
7. Silent Cries And Mighty Echoes  Eloy 
8. Nightingales And Bombers  Manfred Manns Earth Band
9. Tales Of Mystery And Imagination  The Alan Parsons Project
10.Rajaz  Camel

Avant-garde Art-Rock Albums

1. Animals  Pink Floyd 
2. Pawn Hearts  Van Der Graaf Generator
3. Relayer  Yes 
4. Larks Tongues in Aspic  King Crimson
5. The Power And the Glory  Gentle Giant 
6. Mind 1  Isildurs Bane 
7. Leftoverture  Kansas
8. Power Windows  Rush
9. Al-Bandaluz  Cast 
10.Signify  Porcupine Tree

Neo Art-Rock Albums

1. Raising the Stones  Xitizen Cain
2. Ancient Afternoons  Ezra Winston
3. Indian Summer  Landberk
4. Melancholia  Inquire
5. Esprit dAmour  Minimum Vital 
6. Generation 13  Saga 
7. Turbulent Zone   Versus X
8. Children  The Mission
9. Beat the Drum  Pallas
10. Ever  IQ