Crusaders. : .

: Joe Sample (Keyboards), Nesbert Hooper (drums), Robert Popwell (bass), Wilton Felder (winds), Wayne Henderson (winds), Larry Carlton (guitars).

- (Be Bop Deluxe .), --. , Mahavishnu Return To Forever, . Crusaders , , (1973-78), ( 60- The Jazz Crusaders, --).

(80-) , . - 80- . 1973-78 Jazz-Fusion.

: Freedom sounds-1961, Looking ahead-1962, Way back home-1962, Young rabbits-1963, Tough talk-1964, Heat wave-1964, Chile can soul-1965, Talk that talk-1966, Uh kuh-1967, Powerhouse-1968, Give peace a chance-1969 Crusaders-1971, Second crusade-1972, Unsung heroes-1973, Scratch-1973, Southern comfort-1974, Chain reaction-1975, Those Southern Knights-1976, Old sox, new shoes-1976, Free as the wind-1977, Images-1978, Street life-1979, Rhapsody and blues-1980, Standing tall-1981, Royal jam-1982, Vocal tape-1983,Ghetto blaster-1984, The good and the bad times-1986, Story so far-1988, Sample a decade-1989, Healing the wounds-1991, And beyond-1995, Fat, drunk and stupid-1998 (MCA, GRP Records).