Alarcen, Jean-Pierre - "Tableau 1+2" Al-Bird - "Sodom & Gomorra XXI" Alias Eye - "Fields of Name" Altair - "Fantasias y Danzas" Amorphis - "Tuonela" Anekdoten - Nucleus Anekdoten - From Within Anekdoten - A Time of Day Anor - "A Taste of Pomegranate" Apogee - "The Border of Awareness" Arena - "Songs from the Lion's Cage" Arena - "The Visitor" Arena - "Pride" Arena - "Immortal?" Arena - "Contagion" Ars Nova - "The Goddess of Darkness" Ars Nova - "The Book of the Dead" Asia Minor - "Crossing the Line" Artemiev, Artemiy - Artemiev, Artemiy - Artemiev, Artemiy - Artemiev, Artemiy - Artemiev, Artemiy - Artemiev, Edward - The Odyssey Artemiev, Edward - Heat of the Earth Artemiev, Edward - The Stalker, Solaris, The Mirror Ashes To Ashes - "Cardinal VII"
Badirov, Vladimir - "Greeting from Nostradamus" Bell, Stewart - "The Antechamber of Being-1" Boris Grebenshchikov - "Radio silence" & "Interchords" Black Jester - "Welcome to the Moonlight Circle" Black Sabbath - "Reunion" Black Sabbath - "Fused" Black Sabbath - "13" Bruford & Levin - "Upper Extremeties" Bubblemath - Such Fine Particles of the Universe
Camel - Rajaz Candlemass - "Dactylis Glomerata" Cathedral - Supernatural Birth Machine Chick Corea - "A week at the blue note" Corea, Clarke & White - "Forever" Chroma Key - "Dead air for radios"
David Cross Band - "The Big Picture" David Cross Band - "Exiles" Deep Purple - Abandon Deyss - The Dragonfly from the Sun Diablo Swing Orchestra - "Sing-along Songs..." Diablo Swing Orchestra - "2012" Dream Theater - The Astonishing
Elegant Simplicity - "Reversal of Time" Elegant Simplicity - "Purity and Despair" Eloy - "Ocean 2: The Answer" Enchant - Juggling 9 or Dropping 10 Er J Orchestra - "Gabrielius"
Fish - "Sunset on Empire" Flower Kings - "Space Revolver"
Gabriel, Peter - "OVO" Gabriel, Peter - "Up" Gabriel, Peter - "Live in Austria" Gabriel, Peter - "OVO" Garden Wall - "Principium" Garden Wall - "Path of Dreams" Garden Wall - "The Seduction of Madness" Garden Wall - "Chimica" Gerard - "The Ruins of a Glass Fortress" Gong - "Zero to Infinity" Gracious - "Echo" Greaves, Blegvad, Herman - "Kew Rhone" Grunberg, Sven - "Breath" Grunberg, Sven - "OM"
Hammill, Peter - "Fool's Mate" Hammill, Peter - "The silent corner and the empty stage" Hammill, Peter - "This" Hammill, Peter - "None of the Above" Hammill, Peter - "What Now?" Hard Stuff - "Bullet Proof" Heaven's Cry - "Primal Power Addiction" Hellborg, Jonas - "Aram of the two rivers" Holdsworth, Allan - "All Night Wrong" House Of Usher - "Body of Mind" Hvangur - "Blood and Ash"
Iommi - "Iommi" Into Eternity - "Into Eternity" Into Eternity - "Dead Or Dreaming"
Jeremy - "Celestial city" Johansson Brothers - "Heavy Machinery" Josefus - "Get off My Case" JRS - "Wings of gold" Jupiter Society - First Contact//Last Warning
Kansas - "Somewhere to Elsewhere" Kansas - "The Prelude Implicit" Kayak - "Close to the Fire" KBB - "Lost And Found" King Diamond - "Voodoo" Kostarev Group - "Kosmobob: Vegetarian"
Lazuli - "Tant Que L'Hebre Est Grasse" Lemur Voice - Insights
Marillion - "Radiation" Marillion - "Marillion.com" Marillion - "FEAR" Mascarada - "Urban Names" Maxophone - "Maxophone" Mechanical Poet - "Creepy Tales for Freaky Children" Memento Mori - "A Song for the Apocalypse" Mercyful Fate - "Melissa" Mind Gallery - "Three Meals of Revolution" Monkman, Francis - "21-st Century Blues" Mongol - "Doppler 444" Morbid Death - "Secrets" Museo Rosenbach - "Zarathustra"
Naranja Mecanica - "Naranja Mecanica"
Obscura - "Le Citto Invisibli" Opeth - "Sorceress"
Page & Plant - "Walking into Clarksdale" Pavlov's Dog - "The Peking Tapes" Pavlov's Dog - "Has Anyone Here Seen Siegfrid?" Perfume De Mujer - "Pollos d'Granja" Pesniary - "Gusliar" Pink Floyd - "The Endless River" Phillips, Simon - "Another Lifetime" Potemkine - "Nicolas II"
Quadro - "Night Dreams" Quadro - "Las Vegas" Queen - "Back to Queen"
Rewiring Genesis A Tribute to "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway"
Saga (Port) - "Homo Sapiens" Saga - "Full Circle" Salacious Gods - "Sunnevot" Savage Resurrection, The - "The Savage Resurrection" Season Dozhdey - "Return" Sergey Dudin Band - "Mirage" Skyclad - "Oui la Avant-garde a Chance" Skyclad - "The Answer Machine" Skyclad - "Irrational Anthems" Skyclad - "Vintage Whine" Skyclad - "Folkemon" Snopek III, Sigmund - "Trinity" Sonic Debris - "Velvet Thorns" Stormy Atmosphere - "Color Blind" Subramaniam - "Time Must Be Changed"
Tiamat - "A Deeper Kind of Slumber" Tirelli, Armando - "El Profeta" Thieves Kitchen - The Water Road Thieves Kitchen - One for Sorrow, Two for Joy Total - Sky Blue Void Trigon - "Free Gone"
Uriah Heep - "Wake the Sleeper" Uriah Heep - "Into the Wild" Uriah Heep - "Outsider" Uz Jsme Doma - "Caves"
Van Der Graaf Generator - "Do Not Disturb" Vermicelli Orchestra - "Byzantium" Voivod - "Phobos"
Wolverine - "The Window Purpose"
Xitizen Cain - "Raising the Stones"
Yes - "The Ladder" Yes - "Fly from Here" Yes - "Heaven and Earth"
Zodiac - "Zodiak"